Biography of Conspire
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Biography Of Conspire

Little did Lloyd Lopez know when he picked up a set of drumsticks that he had set his destiny.  After all, he was just five years old and playing the drums with older brothers Norman and Russell was fun. And even more fun because they had a name. The Velvadeers. By age 8, Lloyd and His brothers were performing on a USO Tour of Southern California and it just kept going with live concerts appearance all across the Los Angeles Basin including being on the same marquee with such greats as Lena Horne and Julio Iglesias. TV appearances followed including a spot on the legendary Ted Mack Amateur Hour.

At age 16, Lloyd left the bright lights and stage behind for a tour of duty with the United States Marines. For four years, he served his country. He returned home and returned to his love, music. “I formed a Jazz Fusion band called “Conspire” recalls Lloyd. “We performed whenever we could such as clubs, parties, venues all over, because we loved to play.”

Lloyd learned that it was important to control his own destiny in the music business, so he formed L.A.P. Records. Conspire was born and today, Lloyd has many artists signed to his label in Southern California.

“I created the Jazz Fusion band and called it Conspire. I am the writer and producer of the group,” says Lloyd, AKA The Captain, who play the drums, guitar, keyboards and the sax, (with the sax being the main performing instrument). “I write all the songs and all the horn lines for all my tracks. I have now produced three albums and have a fourth in the works.”

Passing Time is his second and Chill Out is the current CD. The first single, “Smooth Talker” zoomed to the Top 10 on two New Music Weekly Charts and FMQBtop 100 Charts,  AC Hot AC and AC 40. and smooth jazz.  A second single, “In Search Of You,” moved fast up the charts as well to give Conspire two top 100 hits in the same year (2005). Conspire now prepares for a summer tour which will continue into the fall.The single chill out is already making big moves on radio.

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